We love surprises. And if they are with flowers better. We know the illusion that makes you receive some flowers or simply receive them to put them in your favorite corner of your house, we see it every day.

Nature is exuberant and uses flowers to prove it. Creative compositions with fresh seasonal flowers whose aromas produce sensations and transport you to desired landscapes.

It all started in 1982 and since then our baskets and bouquets have been special, creative and different.

The future
We like to innovate, investigate novelties and introduce them into our product and service.

Our compositions since 1982 are created one by one and are unique and different. La Tartana manages to provoke the surprise effect in each one of them.

always on
It's always possible. We love that you can always give your surprise, we think that "you can always" and that makes us improve every day to get the surprise on time.

All our seasonal flowers are national and we try to ensure that the vast majority of the products we buy are local. We go to cut flower producers to improve and optimize the service.

with much care
We treat the flowers very carefully from the beginning and that is why we make them last longer.

We know that it is important to you that you can adapt your bouquet, basket or simply the message. We adapt to you.

Passion moves mountains. Our day to day is full of passion and illusion of being able to make others happy.