the tartan


There are people who like to give gifts, others who like to surprise, there are people who like to fill their house with flowers to feel their color and aroma, and there are other people who simply treat themselves from time to time. . One thing is clear: flowers brighten life and make you happier.
We are clear about that in La Tartana. We like to surprise you and help you surprise, we like to be part of the magic that flowers give off, from the selection, composition and preparation, to the delivery of your bouquet. And now we'll take them home or to whoever you choose!
At La Tartana we think of exclusive compositions so that you can celebrate, make a surprise or fill your home with aromas and colours. We work with seasonal flowers , always trying to prioritize the purchase of national products. You can choose bouquets or bouquets with special compositions or baskets of flowers, our specialty.

return to origin

In 1982 Conchita Cañamás created La Tartana, a pioneering company in floral compositions and decorations. Over time, and thanks to his creativity and avant-garde style, he became one of the benchmarks in floral decoration for events and weddings , transmitting a special taste and a lot of personality in each of his creations.
Almost 40 years later, his son Fernando Alfaro and a team full of passion and illusion drive La Tartana online, returning to the origin of the business and bringing flowers to all homes.