Trends in bridal bouquets: 30 ideas

Are you getting married and don't know what your ideal bouquet would be like?

The bridal bouquet is one of the most important elements for any bride, and at Flores la Tartana, from our workshop in Valencia, we have a lot of experience designing and creating unique and special bridal bouquets. We advise and adapt to any style so that the bride can show off the bouquet she had dreamed of on her wedding day.

Here we leave you 30 bouquet ideas that we have made for our brides, which will surely inspire you... 👇🏼

1. White roses

They don't go out of style! White roses are a very elegant choice perfect for a classic bride. Furthermore, depending on how they are combined and depending on the composition of the bouquet, very different effects can be achieved.

2. Wild style

More and more brides are opting for a casual and wild style in their bouquets. They are ideal for country, bohemian, casual weddings where nature is very present.

3. Peony bouquets

Peonies are said to symbolize prosperity and a happy marriage. Perhaps because of this, and because of its beauty, it is one of the flowers most in demand by brides for their bouquets. In these examples you can see how a bouquet of white peonies can be very different depending on how it is combined.

4. Colorful bouquets

Happy weddings in full color! Colorful bouquets are the perfect option for brides who want to add a vibrant and cheerful touch to their special day. With a mix of bright tones, striking flowers and lots of contrast, these bouquets are ideal for energetic brides with a lot of vitality.

5. Long stem bouquets

Long stem bouquets are elegant and sophisticated, ideal for brides looking for a more stylized and refined style. With long, slender stems, these bouquets create a stunning statement of elegance.

6. Bouquets of white hydrangeas

White hydrangea bouquets are an ideal option for brides looking for a bouquet with a touch of elegance and romanticism. White hydrangeas add soft, timeless beauty and are perfect for classic and romantic weddings. In addition, it can be used alone, creating a spectacular and very elegant effect, or combined with green stems to make it more casual.

7. Romantic bouquets

Romantic bouquets are full of soft and delicate flowers that create an atmosphere of dreaminess and romance. They are usually the result of a combination of flowers in pastel or powdery tones and are the ideal option for brides who want a sweet and delicate touch on their wedding day.

8. Everything green

It is increasingly common to see brides who leave aside the flowers in their bouquet and bet everything on green. These bouquets are a modern and fresh option for brides who want a unique and different bouquet, without much "pomposity". They are perfect for outdoor weddings.

9. Autumn bouquets

Autumn bouquets capture the essence and warm colors of the season, with a mix of gold, red and orange tones. They combine the flowers and colors of the season (maroon, orange, brown...), creating a bouquet that reflects the unique beauty of autumn.

10. Original bouquets

Do you want your wedding to be different and your bouquet too? Bet on original compositions, unusual flowers and unexpected color combinations.