Trend. Discover the flower crowns for our brides in Valencia.

When choosing a dress and accessories for a wedding, every detail counts and brides are constantly looking for ways to express their style and personality. A trend that has gained popularity in recent years is flower crowns, to complement the bride's look, adding a touch of freshness and naturalness.

Flower crowns are versatile and suit a variety of brides' styles and personalities. From the most romantic and classic brides to the most bohemian and casual, there is a perfect flower crown for every bride.

That's how incredible Laura, one of our brides, was, who decided to give a special touch to her look when it was time for the party with a paniculata crown.

But flower crowns aren't just for brides. More and more grooms are also opting for flower crowns for their bridesmaids, adding a sweet and charming touch to those special moments.

💡 Idea for brides who choose this option!

Laura liked her crown so much that months after her wedding she sent us this photo, to show us that she had framed it as a souvenir.