Halloween Collection

Halloween is just around the corner!

And one more year, from Flores La Tartana, we present our collection of special Halloween bouquets and centrepieces. All with a twist... terrifying! 👻 🕯️

These five floral compositions are perfect for decorating your home in the coming weeks. Whether you celebrate Halloween night or not, we are sure that any of these bouquets or centers will look great decorating a corner of your home.

What is your favorite? 🎃

funny pumpkin

The Halloween icon turned into a special pot full of flowers where the orange protea stands out, accompanied by a variety of flowers. Perfect for children and adults!
Center flower natural halloween funny pumpkin


This combination in autumnal tones where yellow spider proteas and autumnal maple stand out is terrifyingly perfect

howarts center

It is ideal to preside over any room, during the week of Halloween, it is our center with two candles at different heights in a yellow on orange hue.
Natural flower center halloween Howarts 2 candles

Carrie Blood

Our bloodiest bouquet in tribute to Carrie featuring the combination of purple scabious and yellow spider protea.

Bouquet of natural flower halloween carrie blood

Eastwik Large Center

This ideal center is made up of four candles of different heights with a great variety of greens, the garnet hydrangea and the orange carnation stand out.

Natural flower center Halloween Eastwik 4 candles