Christmas decoration service

At Flores La Tartana, we not only create exceptional floral arrangements, but we also take the magic of Christmas decoration to the next level with our exclusive home and business decoration service.

We love the experience of transforming your spaces into places full of charm and style, where every corner tells a unique story.

Professional advice

At Flores La Tartana, we have a team of expert designers and florists who will work with you to understand your tastes, preferences and the atmosphere you want to achieve. We provide professional advice to optimize the arrangement of decorative elements, ensuring that every detail is perfect and remains just as you had imagined.

100% personalized

Whether you want to beautify your home for a special occasion, add a festive touch to your store or simply transform your everyday spaces, we tailor our decoration service to meet your specific needs. From ephemeral decorations for events to long-term solutions for stores, we adapt to each context.

To your liking

Explore a wide range of styles and themes to find the perfect decor that complements your environment. From classic and romantic to contemporary and avant-garde styles, we offer options for all tastes.


With our personalized decoration service, you can relax because we take care of every detail, from planning to execution, so you can delight in the effortless transformation of your spaces.

Do you have any doubt?

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