christmas wreaths

Do you know the origin of Christmas wreaths?
In our workshop, they are the undisputed protagonists on these dates, but these wreaths have a history and a meaning that adds a special touch to the Christmas celebration.

History of Christmas wreaths.

Christmas wreaths have their roots in ancient pagan cultures, where they were used as symbols of victory and hope during the winter solstice. In ancient Rome, laurel wreaths were an emblem of conquest and success, while in Celtic tradition, ivy wreaths were believed to have mystical properties.
With the spread of Christianity, these traditions merged with the Christmas festivities. The circular shape of the wreaths, without beginning or end, symbolizes eternity and eternal life, while the burning candles represent the light of Christ. This deep symbolism has led to the integration of Christmas wreaths into Christian celebrations.

Our crowns.

Nowadays, Christmas wreaths are essential elements in Christmas decoration in Valencia and around the world. At Flores La Tartana, we are proud to offer a variety of unique and lovingly made Christmas wreaths. From classic green wreaths adorned with bows and pine cones to more modern options with floral touches and decorative elements, each wreath is a carefully designed work of art.
If you are looking for a Christmas wreath in Valencia that adds a special touch to your home or event, at Flores La Tartana you will find unique and personalized options. Our commitment to quality and creativity is reflected in every wreath we create, fusing tradition with innovation to bring Christmas magic to life.

Find your Perfect Crown

Explore our collection of Christmas wreaths in our online store and choose the one that best suits your style and taste. From classic to contemporary, our wreaths are the perfect complement to your Christmas celebrations in Valencia.
Celebrate Christmas with the timeless charm of wreaths, which not only beautify your space, but also carry with them centuries of history and meaning. Decorate with tradition and style this season!

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